When manufacturing sketches of clothes, we use the latest version of GERBER program.

Gerber design

When manufacturing patterns and layouts of produced clothes, we use the latest version of GERBER program.

GERBER Technology allows to make preparation of models and self-engineered layout planning for mass production, individual tailoring and on request of foreign companies by using information provided electronically for the executor by the client in any possible way.

Sewing equipment

Flatlock – is a pseudo flat stitch. It is used for fixing and and sewing butted fabrics together, In contrast to a cover stitch, a Flatlock stitch is made along the edge or crease line of fabrics, while there is no such limitation for a cover stitch. In combination with cutting, a Flatlock stitch is used as a flat stitch for sewing stretch fabrics together. If such stitch is used along the crease line of fabrics without cutting, you get a decorative flat stitch.

Our manufacturing

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