About us

About us

The Nigri Servis OÜ employs more than 80 people. All production we manufacture ourselves, which allows us to control the quality and date performance. We constantly strive to upgrade our equipment, improve technology for the production of new types of products.

The company has:

  • design and engineering department
  • experimental section
  • cutting department
  • sewing rooms
  • embroidery machine

All production sites are equipped with modern equipment of leading foreign manufacturers.

Over the years, we develop and manufacture sportswear for various sports: skiing, cycling, football, basketball and volleyball uniforms – these and any other of our products presented on the site correspond to the existing international standards and requirements of modern sports.

We will be happy to answer all your questions by phone:

 +372 53 40 77 32 (Estonian),

+ 372 3344012 (Russian),

+372 52 20 562 (English)

e-mail: info@nirgiservis.ee

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